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(June 16, 2021)


 Dear Spring Green Animal Hospital friends, 

Good news! After a difficult year of accommodations to safely keep the practice open and allow us to continue to treat our patients effectively, we are so excited to welcome back our clients for in-person visits. 

As you are all well aware, we have had to adjust our practice to the realities of Covid-19 to help keep you, society in general, and our team, safe and healthy while still providing care for our animal patients. We are so happy to share that together, we have been very successful in achieving that goal. With your patience and forbearance, our hospital has been able to stay open and functioning every business day since the pandemic began. Due to our team's diligence and professionalism, not a single member of our team contracted Covid-19.

Since almost all of our team is, or will soon be, fully immunized, and local infection rates continue to decline, we feel it is now reasonable to allow one owner to accompany their pet(s) into the hospital, with some restrictions, starting this second week in June. Since space is limited, with relatively small exam rooms and greater requests for our services, we will need to continue some restrictions to limit the traffic flow and congestion in the hospital. Our lobby will remain closed for medication and food pick up. 

Safety is our goal.
In an effort to keep everyone – you, your pet, and our staff – safe and healthy, we will continue to require the wearing of face masks while inside the building.
Cute buff tabby cat inspecting a PPE mask.

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The flow will look different than it used to pre-COVID.  We are excited to return some normalcy but we still need to have precautionary measures in place to ensure un-vaccinated staff and members of the community are safe. 

Listed below are FAQ’s for our clients:

1. What is the mask policy?
While we understand the CDC has relaxed the guidelines on mask wearing, we will still require masks to be worn inside our building for employees and clients. We have un-vaccinated staff and want to ensure we provide safety measures for  them and other un-vaccinated members in our society.   If you prefer not to wear a mask, we will offer our curbside service for you as we have utilized the past 14 months.

2. What do I do when I arrive?
We still want you to call us when you arrive at our facility.  We will have a sign out front as a reminder of this needed step.   We can limit the congestion in our building when clients notify us of their arrival.  We will give you directions on how to proceed during our phone conversation.  Our goal is to limit the number of people in our lobby while waiting for room availability.

3. Can I bring family members to my pet’s appointment?

We understand the human-animal bond and multiple people may want to be present for the appointment.  At this time we are allowing 1 owner in for the appointment.  If you need to bring other family members, we will happily provide curbside service. There will be exceptions for end of life appointments. 

What happens when I enter the building?

We will escort you into an exam room.  A technician will obtain your pets information.  The veterinarian  will come in and sit down with you to discuss your pets appointment.  IF your pet needs additional testing, vaccines or procedures, a staff member will escort your pet to the treatment area and all health care needs will be performed  by our team of qualified technicians and assistants.  The reason for this new plan is to reduce the amount of people in our small exam rooms. 

5. What if I need to refill my pet’s medications or pick up food?

We are still requesting refills be called or emailed to us ahead of time.  This gives us time to fill the prescription and reduces the wait time for you.  We can take payment over the phone for faster service at your pick up.  When you arrive please call and let us know you are here.  We will let you know if it is safe to pick up your pets medications at our pick up box.

6. What if my pet is here for boarding or grooming services?

We ask you call us upon your arrival.  We will direct you to our side entrance and have a staff member meet you there.  All boarding and grooming forms will be emailed to you prior to your pets stay/appointment.

7. How do I communicate concerns or updates on my pet for their appointment?
All appointments including, well pet, sick patients, surgeries, grooming, or boarding pets will have forms emailed to them 1-2 days prior to the appointment.  Please check  your inbox for these forms.  You will need to click on the link and fill out the questionnaire OR hit reply and send us your response.  No need to print out the forms.  IF the form will not open, you will need to try a different browser on your computer.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

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If you're feeling under the weather yourself, we ask you to please take very special precautions, for the safety of our staff, our clients, our patients - and for your own health, as well. 
Golden retriever sitting several feet in front of family, looking into camera.

If you are feeling at all unwell or may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please either

- Arrange for someone else to bring your pet in, or
- If your pet is scheduled for a wellness visit and isn’t sick, please call us to reschedule your appointment. You won’t be penalized for canceling an appointment due to illness or possible exposure.

We can't wait to see you again!!! Please call us at (608) 588-3535 or email us at reception@sgah.info with any questions or concerns you may have about your pet. 

Your friends at Spring Green Animal Hospital