Spring Green Animal Hospital

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(September 15, 2020)



We wanted to update you on how we plan to care for our patients as we adjust to the changes in our local, state and federal guidelines to keep you and ourselves safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. 




Social Distance Appointments  

Unfortunately, this will continue to be a necessary practice for the time being to lower Covid-19 transmission risks to you and ourselves. We will continue to take appropriate protective measures (masks, gloves,etc.) and thorough disinfection procedures (hands, facilities, etc.) to lower potential virus transmission. Given the high volume of human contact that can often be a part of a veterinary practice, minimizing indoor close quarters interaction is still a key need. Therefore, most appointments are done with the pet only in the hospital and communications with the owner occurring from a distance- outdoors or over the phone. Some exceptions may be made for pet owners to be allowed in the hospital, but must be wearing a mask.


The process will continue to be as follows:

  1. When you arrive for your appointment, please call the office phone number 608-588-3535 from the parking area to notify us you have arrived.
  2. If you have a cat, they need to be in a carrier
  3. A staff member will come out to the parking lot for your pet. 
  4. Dogs should be taken out of the car by their owner and be on a leash. Our staff member may place one of our safe non-slip sterilized slip leads on your dog to help ensure we can safely walk them into the building.
  5. We will bring your pet into the hospital and then call you to obtain a history to be sure we address you and your pets' needs thoroughly.Please watch for an email questionnaire to arrive prior to your scheduled appointment that you can fill in before your pets appointment so that we can better and more efficiently serve your needs and address any concerns you may have.
  6. After an examination is complete, we will communicate from a safe distance outdoors or over the phone about any specific concerns, our recommendations for testing, treatment, or preventative care. 
  7. When the visit is complete a staff member will process Credit Card payment information over the phone and return your pet to the parking area with any medications needed. (Checks and Cash are OK, but discouraged to minimize possible viral surface transmission).


Please remember:

- First, take appropriate precautions for yourself. Schedule an appointment for your pet only if you are healthy and personally comfortable leaving home and wearing a mask to help protect yourself, other pet owners, and your friendly local veterinarian and staff :)

- We will continue all of the same safety protocols as mentioned above.

- We will need to continue to space out our appointments a bit more. Providing quality care in this manner requires more time and lowers crowding.

- Please be patient. Everything is more complex these days and we are all doing our best to help each other and stay well.


Medication/Prescription Diet refills  

Please remember that if your pet requires regular medication, request refills well in advance (if possible 2 weeks). Our pharmaceutical pipeline is the same as for humans and the Covid 19 pandemic can make some medications unexpectedly hard or slow to obtain.

When you arrive to pick up your pets medication, please call us from the parking lot and we will bring the medication/food out to you. 



We hope that you will not have to make this difficult decision during these already sad and stressful times, but if you do, please know that we will do all we can to make this decision as painless as possible. We will provide your pet a sedative for a comfortable anxiety-free experience. The location for the visit could be either as a House call outdoors, at the hospital in a private shaded area out back, or inside the hospital with a single pet owner in a private room.


Please stay well and we hope to see you and your pet soon!

The Doctors and staff of Spring Green Animal Hospital