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Spring Green Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thank you for taking care of Schatzi! We got home and she felt soooo much better; she was running around like a happy and healthy kitten. We appreciate both docs and the staff for caring for her.

Thank you again and again!

Jeff and Shannon (and Schatzi)


Dr. Dally, Dr. Baenen and Staff,

I wanted to extend my most sincere gratitude for the care you gave Tara during her diagnosis and treatment for a cruciate tear. I was impressed with everyone- from their attitude, compassion, to their compatency. I can not say enough about you all and your clinic. Tara is doing so well!

Again, Thank you.

Regards, Meghan


Hello to Everyone,

Just wanted to let you see (pictures sent) how good Luigi is looking these days. He's gained back his weight, is bright-eyed, playful and shows absolutely NO signs od distress. Thanks to your wonderful care, you saved our boy.

Thank you again, so much.



To All,

Thank you so very much for all the care you gave Artie not only during his illness but when he was healthy too. He always loved the attention you gave him. You're simply the BEST! Continue to be the compassionate and caring people you are. It helps us get through tough times.

Gene, Sue, and Dusty


Just wanted to say "Thanks" to all of you for the care shown for our pet Bailey on Friday and over the past 8 years of his life! You all are great at what you do. The love you give is extraordinary!

Much Thanks- The S's


Thanks Everyone for your excellent care of Bucky. We are thrilled!

Scott, Larry and Darlene


Many thanks to your fine animal clinic in the recent days with Dirk.  Special thanks to John, Mark, Vicki, Ruth and Tiffany for the advice and empathetic attention for Dirk.  Emotional time for me as you saw and I clearly admit to being a big baby about family members.  I got the nice poem gift yesterday and very much appreciated it.  I know our son will really appreciate it as well.  Thanks again for the excellent care and attention-- wonderful reflection on your clinic and staff. 



We just wanted to thank you so much for taking such care with our cat family during and after their surgeries.  Everyone is doing good and tearing our house up!

Greg, Connie, and the cats!


Dear Dr. Dally and Staff,

We just wanted to say thank you for the care you have given Murphy and our other pets in their lifetimes.  It is the extra concern and patience you have shown that keeps us coming to you.  Thank you for talking me thru the last few days and supporting this very difficult decision.

The S's


Dear Amazing Staff at the kennel,

We just wanted to say "Thanks" for caring for Reggie. We were a bit nervous- he is older, our regular kennel had moved, and we just went on good comments from friends of ours. WOW! Reggie came home happy and content! The kennel staff was awesome! The facilities are top notch! We will be back and just wanted to say "thanks" for your obvious care, concern and love of animals.

Kathryn, Dustin (& Reggie!)


Dear Staff,

Thank you for taking in my beagle Freckles. By boarding him at your facility I was able to attend the evening performance at the A.P.T. I appreciate your willingness to accomodate my situation. You have first-class boarding and Freckles enjoyed his stay.

Yours truly,



Dear Dr. Dally,

Thank you for fixing my shoulder.  My step-sister Molly Mae and I are so happy we can run and wrestle together again.  Everyone at your clinic has been so nice.

Your friend,



Dear Dr. Dally,

Thank you so much for helping our puppy, Willie.  We really appreciate you being willing to work with us on the payment.  We are so happy we could get this taken care of for Willie.  He is almost back to his "wild and crazy" self.  He only limps a little mostly after running with our other golden Molly.

Thank you for helping us!



Thank you all so much for being so great to Gretchen and Oscar!

Mary, Spencer, and Todd


Thank you so much for taking care of Mim!  She is a sweet, special pooch and we're grateful for the care and atention you extended to her! (Thanks for her new Rope toy too!)  And Thanks to the Staff at the clinic for the service provided.


Mary and Mim


Dear Doctors and Staff,

You not only showed love and compassion during our time of loss, but you showed that same love and compassion throughout Houdini's life.  For that, there is not enough words to express our thanks.  Please don't think of your years with us and our wonderful Houdini as anything less than Awesome.
You are a very special vet and your staff's proffesionalism and sensitivity reflects that!  You are a great group of people and Houdini loved playing with you at Doggie Camps when we were away.

Take care and again, Thank You!

Erin, Aaron, Aiden and Kaelin


Dear Dr. Dally and Staff,

Thank you so much for taking great care of Sidney.  She is doing well and hopefully on the road to recovery long term.


Anne and Craig


Dr. Baenen and Staff,

Our family would like to thank you for your caring and expertise.  It's great knowing we have not only the best vet service, but also such caring people.

Thanks again,

Nancy, Sandy and Family


Thank you so much for all the care and concern you all showed during Henry's illness.  I know you did all that could be done.  The compassion you all showed when it was time for him to go will never be forgotten.  God Bless the entire staff.



Thank you for everything with Taz. Your kindness helped make a difficult situation a little easier. Just wanted to let you know.



To the Staff of the Spring Green Animal Hospital,

Thank you so much for your kind and gentle care I recieved regarding my surgery and other care attended to!

"Woof- Woof,"  Blossom


To: Dr. Baenen, Ruth, Dr. Dally and Vicki

Your warmth, kindness and understanding meant and means more to me than words can express.  I Have never met more caring people.  

All of your expert help and advice are very much appreciated.



John, Ruth, Lou (and anyone else involved with Neeps' recent tooth extraction) --

Thank you for your kind and professional care ... Neeps is recovering quickly - those pain meds must be great, because within hours of coming home, he was whining for his dinner (something he rarely does), and literally skipped up the hill after our short walk (usually he pokes along with many rest stops!).

We feel fortunate to have you in our community!

Appreciations from Gigi & Michael


Vicki, Ruth & John,

Thanks so very much for the sympathy card.  We appreciate all the kind, loving words and all the special care that was given to Abby and Jocko.  Thanks again. 

Take Care,  Debbie & Bill


Dr. Dally, Vicky, Lou & everyone at the clinic --

It was a year ago today that Ginger had her surgery for the adrenal gland tumor.  She's had a great year ... and look at all the hair!

Thanks for taking such good care of her.

Asenath & Art